Law Made Simple

Law Made Simple

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Law Made Simple: Compliance for Business, Citizens, and for our Government is about what our country expects of its citizens: what you, your business competitors, your neighbours, and Government should be doing – for everyone’s good. Buy a printed copy for R685 in South Africa.

More accolades

“Congratulations … extraordinary resource” – Wend Wendland, Director, Traditional Knowledge Division, WIPO, Geneva

“Congratulations on a very exciting and useful book! Every house should have one.” – Adv Marne Strydom, Johannesburg Bar

“This is a triumph … Congratulations” – Paul Jenkins, Chairman, Caxton Publishers and Moneyweb

“Fantastic contribution to society” – Neil Dundas, CEO of Domain Name Services

”Wonderful idea … I hope that it is widely read” – Adv Mark Oppenheimer, Johannesburg Bar