Fiscal Commission

The Financial and Fiscal Commission was established by Section 220 of the Constitution and its purpose is to make recommendations to organs of State on financial and fiscal1 matters.

In terms of the Financial and Fiscal Commission Act 1997, the Commission consists of nine people appointed by the President; it has a CEO who is not one of the nine members of the Commission. It can appoint committees to assist in the performance of its functions, and it is possible that people who are not on the commission may be appointed to such committees.

  1. The Commission can obtain information it requires for the performance of its functions from Statistics SA, or any other organ of State, or, for that matter, from any person at all. Any person who discloses any information acquired on a confidential basis, in the course of applying the provisions of the Act, commits a criminal offence (except if legally required to do so).1
  1. Section 29(1).  2